Roxie Screening by James Hosking

After a sold-out screening at the Tenderloin MuseumBeautiful By Night will have an encore one-off co-presentation at the historic non-profit Roxie Theater.

The event will include performances and panel discussion and take place on April 7, 2016. Tickets available now!

Here are some photos by Shot in the City and video by Marie Alyse Rodriguez from the screening and performance at the Tenderloin Museum on 2/24/16. 

Telegram Gallery Take-Over by James Hosking

I took over the Instagram of the Telegram Gallery for a week. They are a fine art gallery based in the UK that focuses on photography from emerging artists.

Huffington Post Feature by James Hosking

Huffington Post Arts & Culture features my work in an article about art and the aging body.

"Artists obsessed with the human form have long illuminated the nuanced process of growing older, its complex effects on the body and on the soul. The following icons, through painting, drawing and photography, explore the process of aging while challenging the dominant, negative perception of it."

These artists prove that, although it's never optional, aging can be beautiful.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Friday, April 24, 2015

Mother Jones Feature by James Hosking

Feature Shoot Takeover by James Hosking

Washington Post Interview by James Hosking

The Washington Post interviewed me about Beautiful By Night

“Drag interests me a lot as a form of labor,” Hosking said. “As a routine, it’s fascinating. We go to work, and at times we can embody different personas, but not as directly as the transformation they undergo. I think there’s something ritualistic and fascinating about emerging into the world and embodying this new persona and feeling the power through that to sort of escape yourself.”

Huffington Post Interview by James Hosking

Huffington Post: Gay Voices features an interview about Aunt Charlie's series and Beautiful By Night

Why do you think raising the visibility level of these performers is so important?
Their stories explore themes of aging and self-acceptance that implicate all of us -- we're all going to be where they're at physically and mentally. I only hope that I, personally, exhibit the same grace and gusto they have. And, ultimately, I just found them fascinating both as individuals and as performers. I'm delighted to see the positive feedback from readers online. I feel privileged that the performers trusted me to document their lives.

Feature Shoot, Beautiful Decay, Huffington Post Features by James Hosking

The Bold Italic, Konbini, and Dangerous Minds Features by James Hosking